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Sunday, February 6, 2011

An Earring Bonanza

Since my "new look" these days includes a bald head with lots of scarves and hats, I asked for some nice dangly earrings for Christmas to draw attention away from my hairless head. Boy howdy, did Insanely Creative Christy come through for me with over a DOZEN pairs of hand made earrings. I took the painted branches from my Halloween display and put them in a vase on my bathroom shelf and hung all the pretties up.

That's alot of earrings hanging in those branches, and it brings the bling factor way up in our master bath.

And Beverly, from http://www.etsy.com/shop/FlamingoToes, sent me this lovely pair of pink
disk and pearl beaded earrings as a gift; she's so sweet! They are so beautiful I ordered a pair in red and silver, too! BTW, Beverly's blog is one of my favorites, go visit her at http://www.flamingotoes.com/. She's posted a very cute tee shirt makeover this week, it's perfect for Valentine's Day.

And here are more of my favorites....cobalt blue leaves, silvery skeleton keys and yes, those are miniature fortune cookie earrings! So cute and so much fun. Yes, Insanely Creative Christy made them. And yes, I'll ask her to write up a tutorial.

But here are my absolute favorite earrings, made with recycled/rescued/upstyled book pages. Each pair of earrings has three beads with rolled tubes of paper from a vintage dictionary...

...each tube has a word and it's definition. This earring showcases"faith, humor and strength."

And this earring features "hope, strong and beauty." Clever and gorgeous at the same time, eh? Yes, I think there should be a blog post on making these earrings, too!! Hey Christy, your mama's gonna be sending you an email!

I've still got 6 weeks of taxol to go then 6 weeks of radiation, so these earrings give me a little lift when I need it most. Each week when I bundle up for the trip to the oncology center I can pick out the perfect pair to go with my scarves and hat. These days my eyes are wide open to joy and laughter and fun. My blinged out earring tree gives me all three.

Thanks, ladies, for being so patient waiting for me to blog again. I'll certainly try to be around more as my energy levels increase. In the meantime I'll be joining the fun parties on my sidebar and visiting as many of you as I can. Bless you!


  1. Love all your new earrings and I'll bet you feel so pretty wearing them. I am glad that you are almost done with the chemo and will be moving onto to the radiation. Hopefully your energy level will go up and you will get your spunk back before spring gets here!
    You're still in my prayers, and I will wait forever for you!
    Hugs- Tete

  2. gorgeous tree! if you ever feel the need to get rid of any of your clip ons, please let me know. My oldest daughter (she has a terminal illness) can't have her ears pierced because she always lays down on one of her sides. She can't sit up at all. It's so hard for me to find ANY clip ons for her. She loves dangly type earrings and she loves wearing her plastic princess-y type that she got for her birthday last year. :)

  3. Your earrings are so pretty! I love the way you displayed them. Christy is really talented - I'd love to see a tutorial on those book page earrings. They are just gorgeous.
    Thanks for the sweet words too. :)
    You're still in our thoughts - I hope you feel better soon!!

  4. Oooh - I love the dictionary page earrings.

  5. I must say I love the earring on the tree! Very cool! thanks so much for swinging by my blog and commenting on my 70s table redo. Much appreciated. I also now your new follower. YAY!

    Take care.

  6. Love all your new earrings and I'll bet you feel so pretty wearing them gorgeous tree!...................buy women accessories online http://www.linoperros.com


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