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Thursday, February 24, 2011

More Desk Redo-Quick Pretty Mousepad Fix

I'm still working on my desk/office area and here's a fast and easy project that really turned out well. I added this pretty little side table to hold my mouse, etc. and topped it and its shelf with tile as a temporary fix.

I love to buy tile samples like these for less than a $1 at Lowe's and use them for trivets, work surfaces and temporary fixes like this. I have plans for this little table so I did not want to do anything permanent to its top or shelf so I thought the tile would be a perfect solution. But my mouse didn't like the small imperfections in the top tile and started getting persnickety.

So I cut a 16" square of foamboard...

Pulled this pretty damask wrapping paper (Target $3.99) and cut off a generous square.
If you know me, you know what comes next!

Yup, Mod Podge and a handy business/credit/debit/stiff plastic card for smoothing and soon I had this.....

A nice surface for my mouse that doesn't permanently alter the side table. The black and white damask print looks so good with my book page boxes and display stand and burlap ruffled bulletin boards. I like the way it came out!

I just wish every decorating/working solution was this fast and easy. I have a few more projects for this desk/office area not only to prettify it but to organize it and I'll show them to you soon. I tell you, when I see how this is shaping up it makes me smile! Don't you love finished projects that lift your spirits?


  1. What a great and easy fix, my fave kind!

  2. What a great great idea! Love it! Love damask paper, love the whole shabang!

  3. I did the same thing a couple of years ago, putting damask on a tabletop, but the laser mouse could no longer be used on the table top because the high contrast damask messed up how it read the surface. So my advice to anyone trying this project is, test beforehand whether your mouse will work on the high-contrast pattern!!


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