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Sunday, February 13, 2011

Red Felt Roses and a Wave of Butterflies

So, here's the bare bones of my Valentine's display at the end of my buffet counter. The big fancy butterfly got me to thinking, as did the empty spot on the wall behind these wonderfully graphic branches. And yes, those are googly eyes on the cork topper. Never underestimate what can happen when I have a hot glue gun in one hand and a pack of googly eyes from the Dollar store in the other hand. Just sayin'.

And now this little display looks like this....all red felt roses and Valentine hearts and scads of butterflies. LOVE THIS!

And here's how this journey went. I crashed my stash looking for properly Valentine red supplies and remembered the red yarn and Christmas ball wreath I had displayed earlier....

A heat gun helps to loosen hot glue, which helps when you are ripping the Christmassy aspects off a wreath you want to remake into a Valentine/butterfly/spring wreath. Away with ye, big shiny bows and a few glass balls. Also, red is a very hard color to photograph without flaring way into pink and glarey. So I am unhappy with most of the really red pics in this post.

Blogland is full of beautiful roses made of paper and fabric and I ADORE the wreaths made of totally HUNDREDS of tightly curled book page roses. Whoa! I was not ready to take that project on tho I applaud the ladies who have made such gorgeous wreaths. In my laziness I decide to do much fewer rolled red felt roses. I cut circles using a paper plate, a saucer and a margarine lid for 3 nice sizes and then cut each into meandering strips.

Rolled them into nice tight flowers and hot glued them to shape and added some salvaged rose silk leaves for a bit of greenery.

Instead of hundreds of rolled roses, it only took about 18 to dress this wreath up for a brand new look. But wait, there's more. Remember that big butterfly? My wreath needed butterflies. And then, I decided the whole vignette needed dozens of butterflies.

Out came all the butterfly punches, including the one standing on end, a Martha Stewart filigree butterfly punch that is awesome (and very messy) but makes the most gorgeous cut out butterflies!

I added a few to the wreath and branches and then Insanely Creative Christy took some double stick tape and did this with all the rest. She added a beautiful wave of bright red butterflies flying up the wall in a graceful curve of color! Gorgeous!

I love the way the butterflies look against the textured wallpaper.

And at the bottom I added a bit of doodled artwork by my middle daughter, Practical Mom Kelly. It goes perfectly with the other items and has the perfect sentiments for Valentine's Day....

...and our anniversary, which is February 13th. We have 40 years under our belts and come hell or high water, we're going for the big 50. This doodled gem has kids, grandkids, pets, teapots, pincusions, a bee hive and lots more. All in all, I am liking this Valentine Spring display alot and I'm already planning a twig wreath with rolled burlap roses and maybe a primitive nest and more pretty butterflies in a nice shade of robin's egg blue........

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  1. I love love love this! The butterflies are adorable, and the wreath is too!

  2. Gorgeous with all those butterflies! I might have to do something like this for spring. Thanks for sharing.

  3. Very Nice. Love all the shapes,textures and colors.

  4. Happy Anniversary! Your display is beautiful!

  5. I love your red wreath too! I'm going to try my hand at felt rosettes for my "spring" wreath (coming as soon as it's warm enough to spray paint!!)

  6. Oh, that is sooo gorgeous! I love the flight of butterflies, and all those wonderful shades of red that blend together so well. Really beautiful, and what a lovely idea to do a Valentine display. Fabulous!

  7. That is so beautiful... the butterflies were a touch of brilliant inspiration. Really nice to know that several members of the family contributed to the installation.

  8. You have just made my day with your sweet comments! Thank you!!
    Are those heart ornaments on the branches?! That arrangement is absolutely adorable! Thank you so much for sharing!
    (Could I have enough exclaimation points? Haha)


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