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Tuesday, February 1, 2011

Time Flies....

....in a succession of fuzzy days when I've been fogged in with chemo, fatigue and a touch of the flu.

As usual, I did too much over the holidays and my compromised health smacked me down for a few weeks. I guess enjoying multiple family homes and meals, attending a holiday wedding in a cold church and being out and about in freezing weather was not a good combo. My own bed never felt so good! Dealing with my very low energy levels has been daunting for me, but I'm finally adjusting.

So I'm back and hope to blog faithfully now that I'm on a lighter dose of less toxic chemo. I feel better and have some energy these days. Speaking of which, we finally took down the Christmas trees, including the blue beauty you see above. Usually I just plunk a large houseplant in that corner and rearrange the glassware and call it good.

Last summer I scored a HUGE hurricane glass and it kept looking at me reproachfully, since something that grand deserved a bit of attention. This thing is BIG, as in 20" tall and 8" across at its "belly." I had filled it with gold and silver balls for Christmas, easy peasy, but for now I wanted something a bit different.

So, vine balls from Dollar Tree and some driftwood chunks....

A glittery moss green Walmart dragonfly. Some rearrangement of blue glass bottles and jars.....

....add some of my book page decor balls in two sizes, and a few glittered cinnamon pine cones. Plus several jute monkey's knot balls for more texture.

A closer shot of that gorgeous dragonfly. Only one dollar at Christmastime! Love it!

And off to the left you see a wooden pedestal bowl with a trio of Insanely Creative Christy's Mod Podged book page veggies with bronze glittered stems, just gorgeous. But you know, now this little display is making me long for spring and all the greenery that comes with rain and the warming temps.

I'm thinking of doing something very green and springlike to my counter display area...something that will incorporate Valentine's, Easter and St. Patrick's. LOL, that should be an interesting project and I'll post it when I do!

Ladies, thanks for stopping by. I'll be posting to the parties on my sidebar and visiting as many of you all that I can in the next weeks. Come check all the fun projects out, blog land is chock FULL of amazing, creative folks.

See you there!


  1. So glad to hear you are turning the corner and feeling better. If you find something that can incorporate all of the holidays, by all means post it!! It sure would save us all a lot of time!!LOL


  2. Hi there! So nice to meet your blog! I LOVE all the blue, a girl with my same heart! Thanks for stopping by my blog! I'll follow ya! xox!

  3. Glad to see you able to post again. Hope you continue to gain your strength back. Not a good time of the year to be doing chemo, with all the dinners and colder weather. Don't know how long you have to go, but hope it's over soon.
    You have been in my prayers.
    Hugs- Tete

  4. Mom, I love you and I love your jute monkey knot balls and I love your blue glass. (I *really* need to find more ways to work the phrase "jute monkey knot balls" into every day conversation.) You're the best mom with jute monkey knot balls ever.

  5. Sorry to hear you've been so poorly, Ann, and hope you feel much better soon! I love all your beautiful blue glass (I have a few pieces myself) and love your Christmas decorations!

    Take care,

  6. Such beautiful stuff! I love how the cobalt blues look along side the browns and tans!

  7. Love your blog! We've awarded you the stylish blogger award! Come check it out!




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