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Wednesday, September 14, 2011

They're Not Pallets, They're Kiwi Crates

Here's our private carport patio mid-project. See the chunky vintage style, shabby chic, countrified white table? Guess what it's made of......not pallets, no. Kiwi crates!

Stacked here by our new fence is one of the best deals I've ever scored...4 kiwi crates from the grocery store! They were in the grocery store parking lot with a sign that said "FREE!" and I couldn't believe my great luck. They're two foot wide by four foot long and a foot deep....they are very sturdy with the look and vibe of wood pallets but they are finished boxes all ready to use for a great project!

Our carport/patio needed a table in front of the daybed/couch and two stacked kiwi crates worked nicely. The Welding Man screwed the boxes securely together with the top one upside down and boy howdy, is this table tough! Now it is ready to paint. I used exterior latex in Country White.

I didn't want to cover the rustic goodness of that pale wood, so I used a dry brush technique and gave the stacked boxes a nice skim of color. In dry brushing, you don't use a lot of paint but blot your brush out til the color is almost gone, then highlight your piece with a bit of paint. I like it because I don't want things to look brand new but vintage and used and a bit shabby chic. Dry brushing does it for me.

Here is the kiwi crate table after a layer of drybrushed white. I love how the pale wood shows through the paint and makes this look like a farm table that is decades old. The paint brings out the texture of the wood without hiding it.

And here's the view from the daybed. We took off two side boards so there would be a shelf under the table and it is just the right height for putting your feet up & reading a magazine. I've even done a painting project or two sitting right there. Because of it's rustic vibe I don't worry about spills or protecting the surface. I LOVE this table and I've got a standing request in at the produce market for more kiwi crates.

Ooh ahh! Now I get to finish the rest of the patio...with more blue glass on the shelves and dry brushed baskets, many more big pillows....more fun for me!

They are the perfect size and height for raised planting beds and if I can get enough then I've got next spring's garden all figured out. Don't get me wrong, I still love good old wooden pallets but kiwi crates are my new obsession. I've got to get me more of these!

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