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Monday, November 21, 2011

Make Do Kitchen Island

Here is the realtor's pic of our kitchen before we moved in. Yes, it is full of real wood golden oak goodness. That means they will be easy to paint at some future point, yes? Creamy vanilla white in my dreams!

You see we have a generous open space right in the middle of the work triangle. After several family gatherings I told the Welding Man I wanted an island for the Thanksgiving fest to give me more prep space and also improve traffic flow for a buffet line.

The discussion is ongoing for the permanent fixture. But for a tryout we came up with this solution....

The two ancient, solid walnut nightstands we have kept around for decades. Back to back they make a 21" x 35" worktop, almost the size as my hoped for island.

We had a snack and movie night last week and tried it out. It really is convenient and well placed and a good size.

I threw an old tablecloth over it to disguise it's origins. Sorta.

As part of the ongoing discussions/negotiations, the Welding Man wants to put a top on the nightstands and call it good. That might work. But I can also picture a farm table type island, with a shelf (or two) underneath and a more open look. Altho the nightstands have storage built in. But they need to be painted.

With Thanksgiving looming ahead, we're going to give this a workout and come up with a compromise we both like. After 40+ years of marriage, compromise is the name of the game, baby!

Have a great Thanksgiving celebration and take a moment to savor the blessings in your life. I sure hope your day includes lots of laughter and tasty food.

Bless you all.

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  1. What a fantastic idea... the nightstands must be of a good height. When we built on, I had a cream kitchen fitted, and I LOVE it!! My friend (a carpenter) is making me a small island unit, like you, I ned extra workspace and they are just so handy... hope you have a great & blessed Thanksgiving XX

  2. What nice nightstands and how clever to put them together like that for an island! They don't make good study furniture like that anymore! Your kitchen is nice!!

  3. Congratulations! You have been given The Versatile Blogger Award over at www.feralturtle.com You can read more about this at


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