Saturday, November 12, 2011

So Thankful!

Last year at this time we lived in a beautiful place with a gorgeous view. And every winter looked like this....

Align CenterIt was a gorgeous place with snow every winter. And power outages whenever the snow topped two inches, and frozen water pipes, and a snowed in driveway and a long drive to the hospital for my surgery, chemotherapy and radiation. We lived there 25 years so we knew how to cope, but when I got sick, this became the biggest problem for us......

...we lived far away from our kids and grandkids and had to drive over a 3800' pass to go visit them. This was the highway just before Thanksgiving of last year. Even with studded tires, that frozen snow and ice was treacherous.

Can you see the long icicles on the rocks? That's as close as I wanted to get to them, and I was NOT getting out of the car!

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Yeah, it was a long, hazardous drive but totally worth it. And we did it again at Christmas, usually in deeper snow. Or our family drove over to see us. For years.

Hello, ladies! The men are all in the other room.

Now we live in the same town as our kids and grandkids. My sisters still have a bit of a drive but no one has to cope with that snowy mountain anymore. By the Grace of God, we sold our old home and moved here very close to our family. We see them every week and plan some great holiday celebrations this year.

So thankful and counting our blessings. Yes, we are.


  1. Wow! that does look like a treachorous drive! But like you said, you knew how to handle it being there for so many years. But close to family now, what a blessing!

  2. SO glad that you were able to move closer to family. It is so worth having a support system in place when you are going thru and illness such as cancer. I am praying that, through God's grace and healing, you will beat this thing!Enjoy the holidays thoroughly!


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