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Sunday, September 2, 2012

A Pop of Red With Rolled Felt Roses

I've been seeing rolled felt flowers all over blogland and Pinterest, so I decided to make some for a bit of red in my craft studio.

The Dollar Tree sells these oversize Christmas balls every year and at the clearance sales afterwards you can get these two for a buck! Much cheaper than a similar sized styrofoam ball.

Cut out circles in your felt color choice. Cut each circle into a spiral. Note that neither the circles nor spirals have to be perfect. This is a quick and easy project!

Make LOTS of rolled roses from your spiral cut felt. LOTS. Like, dozens. You can vary the size of the circles and cut some spirals tighter for different sized rosettes. Start hot gluing those babies on your ball. Very quickly you will be grinning and gluing because this decor ball shapes up fast.

Then, and you can hum while you're doing this, go around your house and try it out on different bases. A crystal candlestick, a small glass votive, a shot glass, that odd pottery vase on your bookshelf....just have fun and find the perfect holder. I used an old wooden candle holder. Poifect!

And here is Rosy in her new place of honor, right there near the far corner of my studio. She's a lovely accent to all the white and cream and look how great she looks with the other red accents. Don't you love it when a project comes together? Especially when you don't have to buy anything and just make the whole thing from start to finish out of your stash leftovers, so it is essentially free.

Yeah, I like that, too. :o)
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  1. That is just gorgeous! Awesome job and great tutorial!

  2. Great idea for my ton of felt I 'had to have' and never use! :OD

  3. What a great tip on the Christmas balls as the base! Thanks. ~ Maureen


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