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Wednesday, October 17, 2012

Autumn/Halloween/Thanksgiving Decor Spree

Does this sound familiar to any of you ladies? I started out doing one thing...in this case, staging some photos of my holiday garlands for my Etsy shop.

I took the mini framed photos off my family tree and strung a banner on it for pictures. Love it!
And then.....

I put it on the top shelf of my baker's rack and took some more photos. Then I started adding more STUFF, because evidently I am out of control that way, lol!

See all the orange pumpkins? I planned to paint them white. I still might after I get done tweaking this display. I added a rosette wreath and my silver button blingy decor ball and a tiny glitter pumpkin with a black crow on top under the glass bell cover....deep breath...and a lace pumpkin and a white pumpkin and some of my Halloween decor balls. 

I am having too much fun!

Throw on a few glittery faux silk leaves and more pumpkins on painted candlesticks. And a twig punkin in a black painted sundae glass, and a faceted crystal ball on a glass candlestick, and a white rosette decor ball...

Then I added a casual arrangement in a small gold chest, next to punkins on gloss black candlesticks, including one I made of bright orange satin. Gorgeous! Ahem.

I filled this fat hurricane glass with a collection of my Halloween decor balls, Dollar Store skulls, my painted JOL gourd, twig balls, gloss black painted ferns and even a black crackled decor ball. Whew! Time to pull back and see if I'm done.

Yup, I think I'm done! This was fun and it gave me a much needed break from dealing with the last of the boxes of stuff out of our storage unit that are still cluttering up my kitchen. Even after a 4 day yard sale and a full load of stuff to the thrift store, I've still got too much stuff.

But this makes me smile every time I walk by. And the Welding Man says it's pretty, which means he noticed, lol!

Okay, fun time is over. Back into the "too much stuff" breach, my friends and try to take a fun break for yourself today. It's worth it!


  1. Your decorations are wonderful, banner is really cute and I love your satin pumpkins! :)

  2. Wow. It all looks amazing. I really love your garland.

  3. I'm a big believer in 'more is more' so I love it all! May I compliment your balls, LOL.


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