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Thursday, October 4, 2012

Life! Aargh! But I'll take it.

Life has a way of taking you by the scruff of the neck and just shaking the heck out of you. While this year has been NOTHING like my year of surgery, chemo and radiation, it has still been a humdinger.

 Like a cute miniature dachshund with her favorite knotted rope, sometimes you are the adorable doxie and other times you are the bedraggled rope. I have NO pics of our family favorite thrashing her toy, so here she is contemplating a leap from her "mama's" arms.


Thanks to my faithful followers who keep checking back for new posts. I'll get back on track, I promise. I'm shoveling out from under!

Cancer checkups, done.

Eulogy for family funeral, check.

Yard and garden redo, continuing.

Our favorite family vacation house burned to the ground a few weeks after we visited and reserved it for next year? Unfortunately, yes.

Start a business cleaning foreclosed homes. Yup..

Increase inventory in my Etsy shop, ongoing.

Son in law and oldest daughter have cancer scares? So DONE. But they're okay!

Octogenarian parents moving closer to the family? We had several family work days to fix up their new place. Their move is in progress, as soon as they sell their house and private airstrip. Anyone interested?

Middle daughter starts successful photography business? Yeah, baby!

Redoing furniture for photo props? Tomorrow, in fact.

Emptying storage unit and bringing it all into our house? Holy cow, that's alot of stuff and it's all stacked here.

Kids went to Europe and back? Yes and yes!

These last few months have been busy and except for a few instances, a very very positive time. So busy that my blog has suffered.

But I have lots of projects in the works and posts stacking up to tell you about them...including some neat projects and DIYs. And the HOLIDAY season is coming, my favorite time of the year!

Don't worry, I'm still kicking and will soon be back up to snuff. Blog snuff, that is. :o)


  1. Good heavens, my head is spinning! That's quite a list of things and I'm not surprised you've had trouble getting posts up. ~ Maureen

  2. Thanks for the info on doing crackle finish. I cringed when I saw the price of the stuff at the store. Plus it said to apply with a putty knife!?!?!?! I'm decorating an entire house that we just bought and am a bit overwhelmed. I'm trying to paint and do what I can while we wait for our ranch to sell so we can buy furniture! We lived in an 800 sq ft cabin for two years before realizing that our dream property was turning into a nightmare. So...we bought a place 70 miles away with a house close to the one we had designed for the 100 acres and with a more manageable 25 acres. After all, Ed retired to enjoy life and not be chained to the mower, the tractor, the weed whacker. And I have to go back to work at some point so I'm feeling a little pressure and looking for all the tips I can get to help me refinish the old pieces I've picked up.


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