Sunday, March 17, 2013

Spring Wreath from a Bath Scrubbie

I see lots of creative mesh wreaths online and in the craft stores and they are gorgeous! I have a bit of a wreath obsession and I've been studying how to make them without buying the rolls of decor mesh or special wreath forms. So I started with this simple wreath and I am quite pleased with the result.

When I found these bath pouf/scrubbies at The Dollar Store, I knew they'd make a great mesh wreath if I could figure out the logistics. I love the graduated green colors! I already have Dollar Store wreath forms in my studio (wreath obsession, as I said) and  I just had to put it all together.

First, I unstrung one scrubbie. Wow, there is alot of poufy fabric in  these! They are actually long mesh tubes, who knew? I figured I could utilize the tubes as is around an 8" diameter foam wreath form.

 I gathered the mesh tubes on my arm and then made a small cut to divide the form. Careful fitting and fiddling gave me this....

Hey, this might work! I like the simplicity and the fluffiness. A few quilting pins here and there to control the poufs and I'm on my way. I used hot glue and clear  tape to close the gap in the wreath form.

Then came the fun part. I crashed my stash for little decor items and kept dithering over an Easter theme or springtime or ???? THIS is when my work table gets covered with lots of stuff. Finally I settled on butterflies since I had some pretty ones in different styles in my stash AND I have these neat butterfly punches and glittery scrapbook paper.


I could see this pretty wreath for a springtime door or a birthday party or even a baby shower. It is super easy to make and doesn't cost an arm and a leg for supplies. Glittery Easter eggs would look great on this wreath, as would a mini birdhouse and maybe a nest with a few fake eggs. Best of all, the Dollar Store is chock full of little decorative items to use on this wreath project all through the year.

I'll be making another one, and soon!

I'll be sharing this project at the blog parties listed on my sidebar. Come visit and check out all the creative projects!


  1. Great improvisation!!
    Looks fab

  2. I love the color and how fun and poufy it is. I've never really tried making wreaths before but I have thought about it. But I think I could handle this one. Thanks for stopping by our blog:

  3. Well I never knew those pouffs were a long tube! A great project idea.

  4. It would never have occurred to me to take those things apart! What a great idea! Thanks for stopping by my blog earlier!

  5. Clever idea! It's a fresh and fun spring wreath!

  6. Hi Ann, WOW your wreath creation is beautiful. I just love it and would really like to try this too. Thank you for sharing how you created it with your wonderful pics.

    So nice to meet you and thank you for stopping by and your kind comment. I love your blog.
    Have a great Easter week.
    Hugs!! Celestina Marie

  7. So pretty, I love the green and blue together!

  8. about to try one a St. Pat's B Day gift to daughter...wish me luck! :)

  9. I have been in a facebook wreath site for several months. However those all looked very complicated and time consuming. I love this idea so much better. I have the dollar store wreath and St Patrick's Day welcome sign. Am heading back for the bath pouf. Thanks for sharing.


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