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Saturday, September 21, 2013

A Gallery of Custom Freezer Paper Stenciled Tee Shirts

The crafty ladies in our family have been using this technique for years. It's not difficult, really cheap and fun to do. You can make one of a kind tee shirts this way for every occasion!

This ginger molecule was for my red headed daughter in law's birthday. She loved it!

HERE is a link to my DIY post with loads of photos....

I mix my craft paint together and go for a mottled effect. Many tutorials call for fabric paint but by mixing the regular craft paint with textile(fabric) medium, you don't have to buy special paint. Plus you can use any of your paint colors in your stash! Makeup sponges are PERFECT for pouncing paint over a stencil. A little bit of dry brush shading really gives the spheres some depth and makes the design pop.

Here are the stenciled onesies for my daughter's baby shower. It was a fun game figuring out who was gifting which onesie. Harry Potter, John Travolta, Dr. Who, the Czech Republic, One Direction, London, the Air Force and others were well represented!

Christmas tee shirts are always fun...my tee shirt said, "spoiler alert," since I have an unfortunate tendency to give the plot away when we have movie night!

Here are two dachshund pillow cases for my daughter, who has a pair of the lovely little hounds. Her baby's nursery is very doxie-centric, lol!

My granddaughter is a Potter Maniac. I put this Gryffindor emblem on a dark red sweatshirt with gold acrylic paint mixed with metallic gold for a bit of shine. Mixing in textile medium keeps the paint pliable and it stands up to repeated washings.

Insanely Creative Christy always makes awesome tees! Here is another Potter themed tee shirt.

The ladies in our family are serious Supernatural fans, so this custom tee has become a huge favorite. Soon we'll all have one just like it!

For my son's birthday I was going to do a simple tee that said, "nerd." But when I found this Yoda design I had to do it. It had lots of fiddley bits and I simplified the design ALOT, but I LOVE how it came out and so does he. A bit of grey dry brushing brought out the shapes and texture in this design.

I hope this gallery gives you some inspiration and spark to try this technique for your own projects. I'll be posting a DIY soon, so stay tuned. You can do this!

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  1. Love this post! But what do you mean by mixing craft paint with textile medium?

    1. I use regular acrylic craft paint mixed 2 parts paint with one part textile medium, which is sold in craft stores in the paint aisle. It helps the paint adhere permanently to the fabric and stays soft without cracking. It is also completely washable so the painted tees and their designs are easy to care for. Do a quick google search about using textile medium.

  2. Do you hand cut these stencils or do you have a machine that does that?

    1. I hand cut them using razor knives and a glass surface. My daughter now has a machine that cuts these designs out but it requires specialty vinyl which costs money. So I still will make my stencils by hand cutting out of easily accessible and affordable freezer paper!


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