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Friday, December 13, 2013

Popsicle Stick Snowmen-Fast and Easy

Ever keep hoarding something because you just KNOW that someday you will need it for a project? That is how I ended up with these cute little popsicle stick snowmen.

We enjoy the chocolate Skinny Cow popsicles and I always figured that the shapely little sticks were good for something. So I kept them. Dozens of them. As in, two quart mason jars filled with them!

I've been making little ornaments out of toilet paper rolls and using all the little things from my craft stash to decorate them. But I needed some small scale snow people and I was NOT about to buy any since I am cheap that way. Also, creative. Creative and cheap; that's my story.

I painted both sides white with two coats going on the side with no printing. I used the handle end of a small paintbrush dipped in black paint to dab on the eyes, mouths and buttons. On a few I used a Uniball gel pen to make different style smiles.

A bit of orange paint and a little brush gives them a crooked carrot nose.

Time to dress up! I made the scarves and hats out of scrap felt, fleece and fabric. I hot glued the hats directly to their round little heads and even hot glued some of the hats for a crooked look. Easy peasy!

These are fast and easy to do. I made dozens of them in one evening while watching West Wing on Netflix. I even had my grandkids help with the painting. As you can see, three of these little guys fit snugly into a toilet paper roll basket for a festive ornament that costs next to nothing. Now I'm looking at all the other supplies I've saved, looking for the next fast project. 

And yes, I'll be posting instructions on making the toilet paper roll ornies. By the time they are done you will wonder why you've been throwing those rolls away! 

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