Sunday, July 6, 2014

Gorgeous Wedding Doors Are A Pinterest Win!

I'll be blogging about all the DIY wedding ideas we used from Pinterest soon. But for now, here's a photo of the absolutely stunning finished wedding doors with paper flowers that we made for my granddaughter's wedding.

YES, we made almost all of this and you can, too!

Here we go.....

Our bride found this on Pinterest for her wedding background. She wanted it real bad!

So a trip to our local recycling store got us the doors and hinges we needed. Total cost, $50!!!! Her groom and nephew volunteered to paint....

and found that on a sunny day, white paint reflects something FIERCE! Guess who got sunburned under their chins?

Hinged together and standing up, they are very stable. We added some legs to the bottom corners for stability. The paint job didn't need to be perfect because then I did this.....

I dry brushed all the edges with black paint and glued canning jar lids to all the knob holes. Already this is looking so good!

Here they are all set up with even more of our decor projects for her wedding. She was delighted! And we were delighted that she was delighted!

Aren't they freakin' beautiful? I'll be blogging about all the other projects, too, and soon. They include the huge custom made paper flowers, the home grown wedding flowers and even the paper garlands we strung up everywhere.

I promised I wouldn't blog her wedding photos but I'll leave you with this. These doors made the BEST photo background EVER!

And now that her awesome wedding is done, I get the doors to build a garden shed that I saw on Pinterest.

I'll call this a WIN WIN!

 I'll be posting the follow up on making those gorgeous flowers here....

Joining up with these fabulous linky parties this week. Come and party!


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  2. I agree. This definitely is a Pinterest win! The idea of a wedding door is new to me and I love it. What you did with yours is stunning.

  3. Absolutely beautiful!! I found you on Serenity Saturday blog hop.


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