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Friday, December 26, 2014

DIY Chair Rescue With a $4 Sheet

Here's my FREE wing back chair next to her sister, the Red Velvet Throne Chair. They both look good in red, no? 

They didn't cost an arm and a leg. The throne chair was only $7 at the tail end of a local yard sale. The wing back was given to me by my mom. She knew I wanted it and she threw it my way. You rock, mom!

Both chairs started out that marvelous 90s mauve. Pink. Almost lavender. NOT the best fit for my red, brown, turquoise, blue and gold living room.

Here's the throne chair before. See?


The wing back was similar to the pic below but not as pretty and certainly more worn. Lots more worn. Okay, really worn and old looking.

So I had enough red velvet to finish the throne chair. I added some antiqued brass finish upholstery tacks and look at her now. She is secksy!


But I didn't have enough red velvet for her sister chair, so I went to my favorite cheap fabric alternative - a twin flat sheet from Walmart for only $4! There is several yards of fabric for about $1 a yard. That's my kind of bargain.

I got to work with my pins and scissors and easy touch staple gun and look how the sisters in red are doing now!

There are dozens of DIYs and videos online telling how to pin fit a cover for a chair. I always check out a few before I start a project like this just to refresh the details in my mind.

Ladies, you look marvelous!

I shirred the front of the cushion to give it some softness...and also because I didn't have what I needed to make piping. Truth be told, it will take at least half of another flat sheet to finish the back and one side which is still naked, but hey, for $4 I love how she's turning out! And even on my budget I can afford that. I'll be adding some brass upholstery tacks when I'm almost done.

Eventually I'll have enough red velvet to make them truly twinners. But for now I am LOVING the bright red vibe in my living room.

Because life is too short to live without bright colors!

And besides being thrifty and fairly easy, a big plus is that I can do both chairs all over again in a DIFFERENT color just for the cost of a couple of flat sheets from Walmart. That's a cheap thrill and I love it!

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