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Saturday, November 28, 2015

Autumn Garlands on a Brass and Glass Chandelier

The Welding Man loves this chandelier. 


I am nothing if not creative and also flexible in terms of decor. Here's what I did.

I got the original idea from Martha years ago....
and with Dollar Store garlands it's not expensive at all!
Over the years I've accumulated LOADS of Dollar Store and thrift store autumn garlands and pick the best of them for this chandelier upstyle.

Here's an easy shortcut to get this look.

This year instead of winding the garlands around the light, I wrapped a large 20" wide embroidery hoop with four or five garlands, plus flowers and mini pumpkins. Once it was fluffy and full I used florist wire to attach it to the chandelier.


Oooh aaaah! The Welding Man is happy and so am I. Win win!

And because I used the embroidery hoop trick this year, it is super simple to take apart so I can decorate for Christmas.

Like this....

I'll be posting the DIY soon!

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