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Saturday, November 28, 2015

Glitter Blast Wedding Vases

For a winter wedding we did our own glittered table decor, 
with the help of the Dollar Store, Elmer's glue and 
LOTS of silver glitter!

Did you know you can order these vases from the Dollar Store by the case? 
Did you know you can order the 
glass candle holders from the Dollar Store by the case?
You can! 
It makes wedding decor so easy to do and budget friendly!

If you are gluing the glass candlesticks to the vases, 
use E6000 and let them dry overnight. 
Wash and dry the vases and clean the outside surfaces
 with rubbing alcohol. Doing this makes the glue stick evenly.

We set up a production line and got to work.
 First brush the bottom half of each vase with white glue. 
Be generous and cover them thickly. It dries clear!
 Then liberally sprinkle the glitter over each vase, 
being sure you do it over newspaper or some other temporary cover. 

Trust me on this, 
you don't want the glue and glitter sticking to your dining room table!

Let all your glittered glassware dry overnight.

Good thing we had cardboard and craft paper covering the table! But we also had Goo Gone! adhesive remover handy to clean the wood tabletop if things got out of hand.

These turned out so pretty for this winter wedding!


  1. Hey! thank you for sharing this fantastic idea. These glass vessel really turned out really great in no cost. I will definitely try this out.velvet pillow covers

  2. Thanks for stoping over my blog, giving me the opportunity to find you.
    These glasses are such a clever DIY and so pretty for a wedding (or a party for that matter).
    Love your craft, Ann. :)

  3. These Glitter centerpieces are looking adorable as they are providing exciting embellishment for tables. I have seen these types of glitter centerpieces in various local event space and halls. Thanks for sharing these images.


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