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Thursday, June 2, 2016

Pallet Wood Planter Covers Part 2

One of my post popular posts this last year was this DIY using pallet boards to cover black plastic nursery pots.

 I LOVE the way they came out!

Here's the link to part 1....

And here is what we did to finish them off and how they look filled to overflowing with flowers and plants. 

These are the type of planters we get at our local tree nursery. The smallest we used for this project are about 10 gallon size and the largest are about 25 gallon size. The big ones measure about 24" across the top.

We did not sand the boards. We just cut them to length. On the bigger planters we wedged each board under the top rim then used the brad nailer to attach each board.

We also spaced the boards closer together at the bottom than the top to allow for the taper in the planters.

Here is one of the biggest 25 gallon planters. It took a bit of finagling and mitering, but The Welding Man added a nice, neat frame to the top rim. It finishes it off quite nicely!

I like the natural wood look but on a whim added a bit of dry brushing with the trim color from our deck. The Walker's Low Catmint fills this pot to overflowing with purple flowers all summer long.

I like it alot!

Here is a comparison of natural wood and dry brushed planters. For my garden I prefer the painted look!

I checked online on the expected longevity of these plastic pots. Since they are made for commercial nurseries they have a high UV tolerance rating. They are made to last for years. That is good to know.

We have several more pots and a bunch of pallets ready for more planters. I've already bought new rosebushes so we better get to it.

And the best thing about this project? The plastic planters are less than $6 each, even for the biggest ones.


  1. seriously! love this! pinning.


  2. Can this be done on a pot with a plant already in it? I have a trumpet tree for me to take it out would take maybe 3 people and hope it fits back in

  3. Can this be done on a pot with a plant already in it? I have a trumpet tree for me to take it out would take maybe 3 people and hope it fits back in

    1. Yes, Wanda, this can be done on a planted pot. We did this with big pot that has an established rose bush that is in our yard. We had to measure carefully and use the brad nailer for all the boards. You could also use construction adhesive and maybe tie a length of rope around the boards and planter to hold everything together while the adhesive dries. On our planter I put the boards about an inch up from the bottom so they weren't sitting on the ground. Good luck!!

  4. This fantastic post is being featured on my blog: http://www.godsgrowinggarden.com/2016/05/featuring-may-2016-highest-climbers.html - you were the Highest CLIMBer this month on God's Growing Garden.
    Please link up your newest posts & you might just be featured again next month.
    Thanks again

  5. You're so brilliant!! Love this idea! (Have a few pallets just waiting to be reincarnated :) ) Always looking for new, lovely rustic ideas. This will be on the top of my May project list!


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