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Thursday, October 6, 2016

Halloween Decor From Video Tape and Trash Bags

Here is my Halloween porch, chock full of fun and CHEAP decor ideas.
 I have a few pieces I keep from year to year, like the pumpkin lights 
and the painted signs, but most of my 
Halloween look is made out of old VCR tapes and trash bags.

Dollar Store, here I come!

The big fat orange pumpkins are Halloween trash bags filled with crumpled newspaper. So easy to do  and so easy to store. But they aren't the real surprise here.

These spooky flyaway torn "curtains" are the most fun part of this decor,
 and I made them from black trash bags cut to open all the seams
 then cut in strips for creepy flyaway curtains.

The Welding Man set up a simple archway with scrap lumber 
and I stapled lots of black plastic strips all over. 
My grandkids made the sign out of twigs and an old board.

I LOVE how they look when the wind blows!

Then we took a couple of old VCR tapes and stripped them loose from their cases so we could do THIS!

You'll need at least one more person to make this giant web 
and the results are so worth it!

We did the horizontal stringers first then wrapped 
the vertical stringers last. 
We wrapped each joint with black electrical tape and
 stood back for the finishing touch.

Every giant spider web needs a giant spider.

We filled two black trash bags with more crumpled newspaper then wired them
 in place on our garden arch. We attached long pieces of strong wire
 and bent them into leg shapes then wrapped them with strips
 of black plastic and electrical tape.

The eyes and fangs are red felt.

So cool!

On the left side of the photo you can see the start of another huge spider web.
We had fun doing this and it was so easy and 

On another post I'll show how I made the easy and cheap but 
still creepy and floaty black bats. 
I'll link it up right here.....

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