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Wednesday, January 1, 2020

DIY "Rock" Planters from Styrofoam Boxes

What to do with those 
styro foam boxes
 you get with Christmas goodies inside?

Here's a great solution and it's easy to do.

Make faux rock planters out of them.


Here's one finished planter with a succulent that's loving it's new home. 

This planter is a few months old so you can see I have to touch up a few spots 
but really, it looks like an old stone planter covered with moss!!

This was a box for our Christmas ham. I trimmed it down then roughed up the sides 
with a wire brush. Then I scored rough rock shapes into the foam.

I took my regular acrylic craft paints in rock and moss colors and started layering
 and layering until it looked authentic. 

I used spray paint sparingly at some of the joints and I loved
 the cool rocky texture it made.

So now I tried some more light sprays of paint in little areas and loved it even more!
This is definitely a stony, rocky look right there.

Then I layered on more acrylic paint to blend the colors and cover up 
any white foam showing through.

I'm in love with this project!

I already had a pot of mixed sedum on my deck so I
popped it into the new planter.

Oooh aaaaah!

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