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Wednesday, June 17, 2020

Vine Ball Rescue with Wire!

Back in 2014 I made this vine ball for cheap, because I didn't want to buy
 one this size for $24!

It looked perfect in this aged, chipped urn planter for several years.

I made a base framework with wooden embroidery hoops and a thrift store grapevine garland. I soaked it in hot water and gently took it apart to make this ball.

I LOVED how it looked!

But now, 6 years later the vines are breaking down and the ball is looking really sad.
 Even spray painting it blue last year didn't save it.
So this year I decided to revamp it with WIRE, not vines,
 and I couldn't be happier with the results!

Hardware stores and building supplies have this roll of wire and 
even at our small town hardware it was only $4. 
It is called "tie wire" and is used to hold rebar together for cement projects.

 It is super easy to work with and did I mention CHEAP?

Here is that sad vine ball with about 20 wraps of tie wire. 
I cut the wire into four foot lengths to make it manageable.
 It took less than an hour to return the sad orb to an awesome ball once again.

I decided to spray paint the ball with the colors I had on hand...both sort of turquoise blue.

Then I made two more balls and painted them, too!

Then I stacked them into this awesome tower trellis The Welding Man made.

Ooooh! I like this alot!

And then I took a few lengths of wire and made this 
little tennis  ball size orb and painted it blue....

It's just perfect with those hot pink cosmos!

This was a pleasant afternoon's work, sitting in the sunshine. 
I'm getting more tire wire and see what else I can come up with!!

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