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Monday, April 5, 2010

Pillow Cleverness

When I saw this pretty creamy cable knit sweater at my favorite Goodwill, I knew I would finally have the warm and wonderful throw pillows for my couch that I keep seeing online at upscale and expensive sites like Eddie Bauer. Fortunately it was too small to fit me or I would have worn it, it was that nice. (Okay, so I really wanted the pillows more than I wanted to lose that last 5 pounds, lol!)

No progress pics since I wasn't blogging then and the fam was already getting waaaay too many "look what I made!" emails. Here's a tip-cut a fabric backing for each sweater piece to stabilize it. I used muslin. This will keep your pillow piece edges straight and eliminate bunching and distortion when you sew your pillow. I zigzagged the edges and top stitched over that to make sure every bit of yarn was stitched down.

And here they are on my newly recovered couch. I knew I wanted some vanilla/creamy pillows to offset the strong chocolate brown and red, and these pillows are perfect. And since the sweater was acrylic, the pillows are washable. Bonus points!


  1. You forgot to mention the absoloute HUGGABILITY of these super-soft comfy pillows :O)

  2. chichi just likes the huggability of the couch! The pillows are an added plus.

  3. OoooOOOoooh. . . those look so warm and snuggly! I'm so on the look out for some DI sweaters now.


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