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Saturday, April 3, 2010

Springtime Witch Doll

I know, I know, what is with the out of season dolls? Am I finishing late or starting early? All I know is that this green eyed witch wanted to be made and here she is. She's an elegant little thing standing here next to my keyboard, very dignified.

She's 13 1/3" inches of paper mache goodness with an outfit of draped, painted cheesecloth and the sweetest cameo at her throat. Her face turned out awesome, especially her green eyes. She's listed in my Etsy shop now, go take a peek!

Just a note, I carved a sweet little jack o' lantern out of a 1" tall foam pumpkin for this doll and he makes me laugh. He's so tiny and fierce, he looks like he was made by an elf or some other tiny creature.

Stay tuned, I have another doll in the works. No hints this time, 
maybe I will surprise you.

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