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Tuesday, August 3, 2010

Free Beach Fun!

When we go to the beach at the Oregon coast we are like any other family, we take lots of sand toys and frisbees and snacks and books and chairs and blankets and sunblock and kites and.....you know the drill. We're like a military convoy with all the supplies and equipment; we're a parade of people carrying stuff.

But here's something fun that doesn't require any buckets, shovels, toys or anything else except your own two hands and found items on the beach.....rocks and plenty of 'em. And they're FREE!

When I go for a walk on the beach, I always leave stacked rock towers behind. If you were on the north beach at Lincoln City in July you may have seen them all along the sand. They look very cool and are easy, once you've got the hang of feeling each rocks' balance point.

They are very sculptural and Stonehenge-like and lots of times people will stop and watch.

Sometimes they aren't very tall if the rocks are not cooperating. Soon you can recognize the best rocks for the towers. The grandkids learned too and would bring me the "good ones."

They are good for photos, too, looking very artsy and natural and sculptural and textural. I have some prints of stacked rock towers from 20 years ago and they look as cool now as they did then.

Love the cool gray and tan of the stone with the red tones of the driftwood. Very nice!

The wind kept blowing this one over, if you've been to the Oregon coast you know of which I speak.

You can even layer in driftwood, but sometimes the towers get persnickety when you mix materials. They sag and pout and fall over. Also, I've seen towers that are built with rocks on edge but we haven't got the hang of that yet.

So if you see these rock towers on the Oregon coast, it just might be that we've passed that way and left the fun signs of our travels......stacked stone towers and these.....

The traditional family Oregon Coast rock smiley face. We leave it on every beach we visit! ;0)


  1. Cool little bits of happiness to leave behind!!

  2. Oh how I love rocks! Not just any rocks, but these rocks. They are so smooth and lovely. Any chance you'd like to exchange a rock for something indigenous from Ohio? Some buckeyes perhaps, or a rock made from clay, lol?? Honestly I have a vision of a circle in my woods with the border made from these rocks(not witchy, therapuetic), to give definition to a place to sit and meditate, and connect with God. Ah, dreaming for now, reality later:)

  3. How cool! I've been to the East Coast several times and don't recall seeing rocks like these. Perhaps it is a West Coast thing....or I'm at the wrong beach! La

  4. This is awesome! I live in the middle of the country- far away from any beach...and I only know what I have seen in the movies. But this post is so cool and it is awesome that your family does this!
    Thanks for your post-I got a free mini vacation!
    Happy building! Tete

  5. You can never beat Mother Nature for true beauty!!! I love these photos!!! Lots of little artsy projects!!!

  6. I love this idea...and would love to do that too, except that we have no rocks on the Gulf of Mexico - just shells. But I think I will do some stacked rocks in the flowerbeds, flower pots, planters and dish zen garden at my house. Next best thing, I guess... Thanks so much for the great idea and gorgeous photos.

  7. That is so cool! We don't have those kind of rocks on the Gerogia coast,,,just lots of broken shells! What a neat tradition and I love the smiley face! Are you tempted tpo bring rocks home and make something with them????I know I would be! :-)

  8. Oh I miss the Oregon Coast! Loved this post!

  9. Stacked rocks just are gorgeous! Can't help it, but when I see them, they stop me in my tracks. Simple Zen, I guess!

  10. These photos are so fun. I love the beach! Ahhh . . .

  11. Hi... I'm the newest follower of your great blog.

  12. Love your photos! It makes me wish we lived closer to the beach.

    Thanks for linking up today!

  13. What a cool post. Thanks so much for sharing. It put a smile on my face and made me miss the days we've spent on the coast in North Carolina.

    Thanks for linking to Transform Tuesday!

  14. So much fun! I grew up on the Oregon coast (Bandon) and have many wonderful memories of spending time on the beach.


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