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Thursday, August 5, 2010

Two gallons of thread; you think I'm kidding?

I hit the local Crafters' Market this week with $10 burning a hole in my pocket. I was looking for some display ideas and also some great deals. When I saw this two gallon plastic jug of vintage crochet thread, I just knew it was going to be priced out of my budget. But 'lo and behold, it was $6.50 marked down 20%...$5.20 for this big ole jar and all that lovely thread? I grabbed that sucker and carried it like a little puppy all thru the rest of that place!

And I found four storage jars without lids for $4 total. Score! I am redoing my craft studio and my major fondness for jars and bottles leads me to much noisy enthusiasm when I find them for cheap. My family knows this and try not to worry about me too much. ;0) But here's another reason for my excitement at this big jar of vintage thread, most of which is not being made anymore.

I use alot of crochet thread. ALOT. Here is the overhead rack The Welding Man built for me to hold my crochet thread in a tidy and reasonable fashion. With his usual attention to detail, he designed this for one roll of thread per rod and he even angled the ends up to keep the thread rolls toward the center. Genius! However, soon every bit of fiber and string and more crochet thread and a glass float and some tinsel went up there until it looks like the picture above. He calls it disorganized and chaotic. I call it the charming deshabille of a creative mind. He says, "I'm going to build you another, bigger rack."

I love that man.

Mind you, I already have three separate racks for sewing thread and a different storage system for all my yarn and wool which I use for doll hair and Santa beards. Yeah, my studio is crammed to the rafters. And I use every bit of everything in there, so the stock is always changing.

And here's one of the things I do with my crochet thread. When I am at the computer waiting for things to download, or print, or process, I will crochet a pretty flower or two or three. I try to make them whenever I'm just sitting because I use them alot. Oh, the ribbon and the lace? I got them all with the change from my $10. Such a deal!

And here's the kicker....when I went grocery shopping what did I see displayed in the middle aisle?

...two gallon plastic jars that are cousins to my thread filled two gallon jar! Look at that "sale" price. Crikey.

I just love a thrifty bargain, don't you?


  1. i love how that thread looked in the jar! you scored!

  2. Great bargains! I love that you crochet flowers while you wait for things. Such a multi-tasker like me!

  3. Ha! Good thing that $10 was smoking, imagine if you missed that deal!

  4. Great deal! Some of my tatting thread came from yard sales where people just wanted to get rid of it all. Looking at your stash left me wanting to go shopping.


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