Friday, October 14, 2011

Wonderful Turquoise Beachy Blue in my Etsy Shop

As you can tell from my blog header, I've always been a cobalt blue kind of a gal. But the beachy blue shades of turquoise, teal and sea blue are growing on me. I'm even redoing my craft studio in turquoise with cream and red for accents. My big ol' desk will soon sport the same finish as this glass pedestal, complete with the umber glaze.

I love the color and texture on this piece! Originally I was going for a perfectly smooth gloss finish, but I LOVE how this came out at the end. I've even set up a category in my shop for these beachy blue projects.

The leathery texture of the dried magnolia leaves really set this little vignette off. The driftwood is from the Oregon coast.

I remade this old wooden drawer into a small shelf. I love to recycle and restyle old pieces and this is one of my favorite projects. So far I've redone three drawers and I'm looking for more. The color and glaze and especially the script paper really make this one special.

Ah, see the turquoise glass pedestal on the shelf there? These pieces really do compliment each other so well, I can see them together in someone's vacation cabin or coastal home.

The script liner tells a tale of sorts and is fascinating to read. It says, "The Siren holds the key for She has the gift. A shimmer of something. Mysterious. Elusive. Hidden. Tissue and wrappings. Secrets and surprises. The unveiling of the unexpected."

The frame on the top holds a piece that says "She has a gift." See how the glaze picks out all the time worn goodness on this piece? Love it!

This vintage wooden bowl had seen better days. I had planned to refinish it and seal it with clear polyurethane but then tried the beachy turquoise color and I was hooked. It really came out great!

I used several shades of blue including turquoise, ocean blue, sky blue and teal. It is sealed with clear acrylic and looks like a well loved family heirloom.

It even looks time worn and gorgeous from beneath! Love the little ball feet and the center mark where it was hooked to a wood lathe for shaping. This bowl just makes me smile!

I have several projects in the works for more turquoise blue goodness. When I get a few more I'll post them right here. Please take a moment to check out my Etsy shop, you never know what you will find!


  1. Love this---half my house is in this color! Thanks for the comment! I am now following you---please follow back! :)

  2. LOVE this color, it's been growing on me too! wonderful projects Ann!

  3. It is also one of my favorite "decorating" colors. So cute with red, orange, or mustard :)

  4. wow, you are amazing! Turquoise is one of the bests colors (in my opinion) lol :)

  5. I would like to call you A CREATOR!!! Amazing work... Each and every work of yours is beautiful and what to say about the shelf... Recycling in this way is a GREAT MOVE! It is great when we use recycled things to make some essential things like bags, moving boxes etc.
    Keep it up and I will be looking forward to see some more from you!

  6. Oooh, ahhh, turquoise...I love it all! Thanks for the inspiration.

  7. You work with possibly my favorite color ever, and I love it. So beautiful!


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