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Saturday, January 28, 2012

Turquoise Shelf For Craft Room Redo

We've been in our new digs for 10 months and it's time I truly set up my craft room the way I want it. It is not just a hobby place where I can create whatever my heart desires but also the production studio for all my Etsy wares. I dithered about the colors and gravitated towards red, black and white, until I saw this fantastic color combination.

I love ALL the colors used in this wonderfully organized craft space. I even made a necklace for my shop in these colors. LOVE them!

I see this mix of colors everywhere now. What a bright mix of cool blues and hot reds. I'll also throw in a bit of pink and cream and of course, my recycled book page storage boxes.

This is the most recent storage solution I've come up with. The Welding Man built it for my space, and I've added the foam core backing to each shelf. Sturdy, but plain and boring. I got out my Apple Barrel paint in turquoise and burnt umber and went to town.

Here is the top, painted and antiqued. I love the way the burnt umber ages the edges. The other shelves are still drying, but you can see the great color.

You knew I'd be throwing some recycled book pages in here somewhere, and that's what I used to "dress" the foam backer boards. I just love the way this looks with the bright shelf color.

I like it. I like it alot!

I wanted an aged, vintage, rustic look so I layered glaze and a lighter turquoise color until it looked just right to me. This pic shows the colors lighter than reality. The true color is below.

And here it is, loaded up. I use glass jars for almost all my small supplies and I love having them all out where I can see them. One of my best buys ever was a case of 1/2 gallon size mason jars, they are wide mouth and large enough to hold alot. I've used 3 of them on these shelves plus lots of quart and pint size jars.

And here it is in place, right next to the door and butted up against the side of my enormous steel tank desk. It's a good start and now I'm energized to tackle the rest of my room.

As you can see the organization hasn't extended any further than this. Trust me, I didn't show you the real mess in there. I have so much stuff and I use it ALL! But now I have to decide, how much do I want to paint turquoise and how much red?


  1. This is great! I love the colour you chose. Your jars of supplies are quite striking on each shelf - the book paper is cute but subtle! Can't wait to see how your craft room turns out!

  2. So far so good! I'm going to start redoing my craft studio too, I really love the colors you've chosen. It's so bright and cheerful looking... just the look I'm going for in my space as well! I've posted a look at my space as it is now on my blog as well as a link to my Pinterest inspiration board if you are interested in taking a look! I'm looking forward to seeing how your room turns out!


  3. It's going to be beautiful when you are done. I will be watching for the final reveal. Love your shelf!

  4. Great color combo and I love the use of glass jars to store everything.

  5. Oh that is so cute! I love everything about it. I might have to make something like this for my sewing room. Your project is totally inspiring. Thanks so much!

  6. I LOVE the shelf!! Thinking of doing the book pages on my living room book shelves now. Thanks for the inspiration :-)

  7. Hi Ann -- I love your colour scheme & how you painted & glazed the shelving unit. Your book pages are the perfect backdrop to the bright craft jars.

  8. Great job! I LOVE the color!
    You should join me for Handmade 52! http://raisingoranges.blogspot.com/ -Katie

  9. Very nice shelf! I did the same thing with music pages..can't think of what they are called at the moment! Not enough coffee I guess! Your room is coming along!! I just blogged about some dishcloths I made in the same colors if you want to check them out!! Have a great day! =) Deanna

  10. Great shelf and the jars look very decorative.
    Wish you a great weekend!

  11. Love the shelf, I need help in my craft room like you wouldn't believe. Thanks for sharing.

  12. great job - loving the jars all lined up like a candy-store!

  13. Gorgeous! I wish my craft room was so organized =0



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