Saturday, February 4, 2012

Pretty Craft Room Jars

Ooh aah.

I am hip deep in my craft studio redo and I'm storing everything I can in glass jars and bottles. Since completing chemo and radiation last year I find my memory is not as good as before and I need to see what I've got in order to visualize a project. I am lucky enough to have lots of  Mason jars from pint size all the way to half gallon that I use as is. And I already had dozens of other bottles on hand and after a shout out to the fam on Facebook, I had lots more.

Most jars were ready to use but some had problems which I had to address.

See the mark on the $1 price tag? Half price, baby! But this fish bowl's hard-water stains just wouldn't come off.

And this almond label would just NOT come off, even after an overnight soak. Even tho this is a plastic container, it is clear as glass and a really neat square shape.

So with Elmer's glue, Mod Podge and various recycled book pages, music sheets, lace, ribbons, flower trims, scrap book paper, burlap and heart and star trims, those jars were transformed into pretty storage for my craft room!

I love how the mixed neutral trims and the clear glass contrast with the weave of the baskets on my old painted bookcase. I added the NEST garland made by Insanely Creative Christy, and this display makes me smile every time I see it.

Here is a stubborn label on a perfectly usable mayonnaise jar. It is a good storage jar but ugly. So I gave it and two others "the treatment" and here's how they turned out....

Everything is from my stash...a fabric yoyo, lace trims, buttons, hot glued on top of recycled book pages. So pretty!

The two smaller pint jars have a bit of music paper, a satin ribbon rosette, a crocheted flower and lots of buttons. I LOVE the way these came out! And you can't tell there are grungy labels underneath those pretty trims.

So pretty! And not only simple, but very very cheap. The jars were free and the trims were odds and ends in my stash. That's the kind of project I like-maximum impact and practicality and almost free. So with the shelf I painted turquoise and stocked with glass jars last week to this week's pretty glass storage jars, my studio redo is getting a good kick start. NEXT-easy, inexpensive and stylish craft room storage boxes on the CHEAP. So, stay tuned!

I'll be joining the blog parties on my sidebar. Come visit and be amazed at all the creativity out in blogland. I have to admit after seeing the wonderful projects on all these blogs, I am much less impressed with Martha Stewart and much more impressed with the consistently imaginative designs I see on creative blogs. And ladies, bloggers do it without any staff. You are amazing!

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  1. Beautiful and creative, you have done a great job making them both pretty and functionanl. I also like to have everything visually in front of me when I work.

  2. LOVE the recycled book idea! I have something else to look for when I hit my local Goodwill! Thanks for sharing. I am all for reduce, re-use and recycle.

  3. So awesome that you used DIY materials to store other DIY materials :)

  4. Wow I love those jars! Great idea for hiding those stubborn labels and marks, and prettying things up! They look gorgeous :)

  5. Excellent!Who would ever guess that your jars were ;ess than perfect underneath.

    PS I am a new follower!

  6. To get hard water stains like that out of the fish bowl, use The Works Toilet bowl miracles. For the labels that don't want to come of I soak over night in soapy dish water, use an old credit card to scrape off what I can and then used something like goo gone to remove the remaining residue. I love your solutions too. Just thought I would let you know if you have something you can't, or don't want to, cover in the future. Your jars are gorgeous. I might have to use that idea too. I hear you on the memory thing after chemo. I am the same way.

  7. What a beautiful way to transform those ordinary jars and containers! They look absolutely gorgeous.


  8. What a great idea! It does look uniform, but different, and the price was perfect! I have never had chemo, but I have to have everything out too, I need to see and try to know what is going to work and to know what I have.


  9. This is a great idea they turned out great looking. You said you have had a problem getting labels & stickers off, I have found if you spray Orange Glo 2-in-1 Clean & Polish for Wood furniture on it and leave overnight, then wash in dishwasher because it leaves it greasy it comes right off & after you wash in dishwasher all the greasy is gone. My husband had bladder cancer surgery in Nov. 2011. His bladder, prostate, & appendix were removed. Thank God he didn't have to have treatment. But we both are forgetful anyway.

  10. These really look lovely. While I'm quite organized, my shoe boxes and Ikea boxes can't compete with these!

  11. I love lace on jars but the printed paper underneath makes it perfect! Not too girly (well, that's not usually a problem) and disguised the labels!

    Thanks for sharing,

    Cindy Rippe

  12. Those are just lovely!! Terrific upcycling! Thanks for sharing! ~Lorraine ♥♥♥

  13. Super cute! I’d love for you to come link this post up at From Scratch Friday (live now on the blog!).


  14. So pretty! I featured these today on my blog :)
    Thanks for joining JAQS Studio Linky Party!

  15. Beautiful embellishments!! Thanks for sharing:D

  16. LOVE Button Please! Hugs and blessings, Cindy


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