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Saturday, February 25, 2012

Book Page Clock

When I began my craft studio redo I decided to use recycled book pages to make matching storage boxes and accessories to tie everything together. I've recycled book pages for lots of projects but never to this scale and I love how every inch of it came out.

Here's one of my favorite projects...a book page clock for my desk.

This is an old plastic Woolworth's clock with faux alarm bells on top. We've had it for almost 25 years. I love the design but the royal blue color did not work for my grand craft room "vision," lol. Behind it you can catch a glimpse of more book pages covering a little shelf.

I removed the brass colored bells and feet and went to town.
Regular school glue (like Elmer's) worked just fine on the blue plastic. I had to tear the book pages from an old dictionary into smaller rectangularish (is that a word?) shapes to accommodate the curves and ridges of the design. I would say 1" x 2" maximum. I popped the clear cover off so I could get the book pages around the inside curves.

I used the straight edges of the pages around the clock face so I wouldn't have to do any trimming. This project really went smoothly with no bumps between planning and execution. My projects don't all go this way, so I was very pleased with this one!

And the outside curves and ridges came out nicely, too. I gave it a top coat of Mod Podge matte to seal it. I LOVE how this clock looks now!

It sits on the shelf above my desk and at 10" across is big enough for me to read without my glasses. It perfectly compliments all the other book page decor and storage in here plus it is a nice contrast to the glass jars and bottles that are also on that shelf. I call this project a win win!

I'll be linking this up to the blog parties on my sidebar. Come visit and check out all the neat projects out in blogland!
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  1. Lovely! I added a link to my Book Crafts article on Squidoo. Thanks!

  2. Love the clock! Never would have thought to do that with book pages.

  3. Wow, this looks good! I love the clock! Nice work space! Thanks for sharing at the Rock 'N Share!!


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