Sunday, February 12, 2012

DIY Wrapped Charm Watch Bracelets

Last year I started noticing these gorgeous triple wrapped watch and charm bracelet combinations by La Mer, among others, out there in blog land. At over $100 a pop, they were way out of my budget but still drool worthy. See what I mean?

And then sweet, creative Donna at Flamingo Toes posted how to make this charming jewelry. I was hooked and knew I had to make some for Christmas gifts. Now that gifting is long gone I can finally post how I made them.

Here is Donna's link, her instructions are clear and easy to follow. She is one smart, creative gal!

Here is my first attempt, and I included a wee dachshund shrinky dink charm. My daughter loved it!

And here's my second one with the wonderful teal and turquoise beads that go so well with the brown leather. My granddaughter loves hers!

Of course I started with watches from my jewelry box. I have lots more than I thought since I wear them as jewelry, like bracelets. I chose watch faces which would work with a skinny strap.

I ran into a glitch when I could not find skinny belts anywhere until I ran across the purses at the local thrift store. SCORE! Not just skinny leather straps but cool brass swivel headed hook up hardware, too.

Following Donna's instructions, I put each watch/bracelet together. I cut one strap in two to the measurement I needed and kept the hardware intact at each end, then folded the cut ends over each side of the watch face. Where I didn't have a rivet to attach the leather loops, I punched holes in the straps and hand sewed them with strong stitches in matching thread. A drop of super glue on the sewing keeps the thread from loosening.

Into my bead and jewelry stash for chain, lobster clasps, rings and more beads, plus a few dangly bits. This was fun!

And the charm bracelet can be worn separately!

A lobster clasp connects the ends of the charm bracelet to the watch.

And here's that cute doxie charm made from shrinky dink plastic. Add two lengths of satin ribbon to the ends and this charm bracelet makes a pretty necklace, too.

I still have lots of watches and a couple of thrift store purses with skinny straps, so I'll be making myself one of these for Valentine's Day. The girls loved their wrap charm watches and I see them wearing them all the time. THAT tells me they really DO like them!

I'll be linking up to the parties in my sidebar. Come visit and see the creativity that's out in blog land, you'll have a great time.


  1. So creative! I love this, it really gives an ordinary watch lots of character and pizazz.

  2. Your watches turned out so cute!! I love the skinny leather and the cute charms!! Thanks for the shout out too. :)

  3. So clever. I always feel bad when I find a loose purse strap (got rid of the purse years ago type thing) and throw it out because I can't find a use for it. I also like to layer bracelets but hate when they jangle...seems like this would help. Thanks for the great idea.

  4. Lovely! I like the name of your blog too - very clever!!!

  5. Your watches turned out way cute! Thanks for linking up to Destination: Cutesy Monday! Have you checked out my Glitzbandz giveaway I'm having? I'd love for you to enter!

    XO! Kathryn

  6. L-O-V-E-L-Y Ann!!!!!!!

    will try for sure! and THANK YOU so much for you idea concerning my foam mannequins! I DID IT and left a comment for you in my blog! and will post the result soon!


  7. These are too cute! Your daughter and granddaughter are lucky girls! I love taking something that is ridiculously expensive and making it yourself!!!

  8. I am in love with this! I saw this style a few months back on but said whoaaa when I saw the price!! You did a fabulous job! The Dachshund charm is the best =)

  9. I really like the eclectic look of those bracelets! And what a good idea to use straps from thrift store bags.

    And I have to say that I am inspired by someone who can keep a positive outlook while going through breast cancer treatments. I also have a few ongoing health problems, though not life threatening, but I understand how hard it can be to stay positive. Thank goodness for creative blogs to help us keep creating and doing what we love!

  10. Thx for sharing! Luv the rest of your blog too...great studio re-do ideas/finished projects! Found you thru Mixed Kreations Jewelry/Craft blog...

  11. I absolutely love this! Just pinned it. I might just have to do this with my grandma's old watch that is way too small for my wrist.


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