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Sunday, September 2, 2012

Cocoa "Tin" Redo for Craft Storage

Readers ask me where I get the ideas for my blog, and I can only say I have my eyes wide open all the time for items I can use for projects. For instance, I am always looking for clever and cheap ways for craft storage to help me tame the Clutter Monster, and if I can make them from what I have on hand that's a win win in my book.

Once a container is empty in my house, I repurpose it for my craft studio. It has to be useful and I try to make it pretty and I admit more than once I have bought groceries in nice jars because I want them for my space, lol!

But what about the odd container, like the plastic cocoa "tins" that Hershey's is using now? They are a nice size, have a good lid and come in a rich shade of brown....plastic. What to do?

I crashed my stash and put together fabric and trims that go nicely with cocoa brown. Here's what I came up with! A strip of white burlap, a nice piece of wide lace, a rose applique and mixed buttons. Using my trusty hot glue gun, it was easy and fun to put together. I even put a bit of lace on the lid.

And here is the back side. I almost like it's simplicity more than the front. But either way, this storage container looks cute! I like it alot.

I would even use this for a gift container. After all, it is pretty and easy to do and I already have another one coming from the new can of cocoa!

So many of my ideas come from looking at ordinary objects in a new way. Some of the most clever ideas I see online are smart and different re uses of totally familiar items. Keep your eyes open, ladies, and your brains engaged. You never know when inspiration will strike!

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  1. Great idea for reusing those silly cocoa containers! Looks good.


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