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Friday, December 26, 2014

Autumn Garlands Styling Up a Brass and Glass Chandelier

The Welding Man LOVES this dining room chandelier so you know it's not getting replaced anytime soon. We've been married 43 years and counting.

 You have to pick your battles, ladies.

Back to the big, bold, BRASS chandelier. I'm always looking for ways to change it up. I saw this beauty on Martha's website and glommed onto it's creative prettiness right away.

Of course she used real leaves probably harvested by her minions and real mini pumpkins holding real candles all balanced on a real grapevine wreath. But still, pretty and clever!

Martha envy has motivated me more than once but moving on....

Our Dollar Store has these very colorful autumn leaf garlands every year at this time. I have at least a half dozen sets I use every autumn.

Here's my first gorgeous leafy chandelier in 2011. I LOVED how this looks! Almost as pretty as Martha's and it won't catch on fire or drip wax on the table PLUS it cost less than $5 for garlands.

Win win!

Here's THIS year's version in the daylight. So colorful!

I took the beveled glass off the hangers and twined the garlands around the brass hooks. It's so pretty!

Here is is all lit up during the "blue hour" at sunset. This just makes me smile and smile!
 But....those bulbs are hot and the leaves are very close to all that heat. I'm going to redo it with the glass hanging between the bulbs and the silk leaves. I hope it still looks full enough.

Hey hey! The glass hanging between the lights and the garlands actually makes it brighter and prettier! I like it!

Here it is during the day and still lovely!

Oooh aaaah! I think it's a quick and lovely and CHEAP fix to give this brass and glass light a bit of color and bling going into the holidays.

Win win!

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