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Friday, December 26, 2014

Tree Branches and Leaves for Bright Autumn Corner Decor

I know this is hugely late but I'm posting it anyway. Life and projects have eaten my time for months!

Here is the corner of my living room where I keep this urn and painted branches almost all year. The square corner table is perfect for the space and easy to dress up for every season. I change the table cloth and the decor with stuff I have on hand and, of course, bright silk foliage from The Dollar Store.

But first let's go back a bit when the corner was looking a bit cluttered at the end of summer. These two couches form the favorite lounging corner in our house so I try to change it up seasonally. 

Ah, Number One Son likes that spot.

And here it is again, all fluffed up with autumn decor. I added a vase of leaves in a basket on the coffee table

I added a stack of my restyled books which I've crafted to look like vintage editions.

And here's a link....


Then I just played around with everything until I liked the design as a whole. That's the fun part!


I have muslin curtains hanging over lace panels on my window wall. So I added my big coffee filter wreath (made from a Dollar Store hula hoop!) and more leafy garlands.

Here's a link to that easy rosette and autumn leaves wreath decor....

All done fussin' and ready to start enjoying. I love how the corner decor looks with my own paintings on the wall and the ever changing pillows I made for the couches. Holiday season, bring it on!!

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