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Monday, February 14, 2022

Pretty Faux Wood Grain Glass Table Top? Yes, Please!

We have this corner on our front deck that needed a convenient table and I also wanted
 it to be pretty. Here is what we came up with and made in one afternoon and, as usual, 
we did it without spending a ton of money. 

In fact, we already had everything we needed on hand so it was basically FREE.

Confetti goes here!

Ooh ahh! It turned out even better than I pictured!

Here is the DIY for this fun project...

A friend had given me two round patio table replacement glass circles. 
This is the bigger one at 36" diameter.

For the base we used a nursery tree pot 24" in diameter given to us by our neighbors.

I scrubbed the glass and the pot with a soap pad and rinsed them thoroughly.
I spray painted the planter with flat black spray paint.

I gathered our supplies which included various colors of acrylic latex paint, 
including our house trim paint in the big can. The wood grain tool 
I used is right front and I also used a pair of gardening gloves to protect my hands.

I painted a turquoise stripe and right away before it dried, 
used the wood grain tool to make the design in the wet paint. 
It is so exciting to see the texture appear like magic. 
When I didn't like the way the grain looked
 I simply wiped it off of the glass and redid it.
 It was so very simple and came out so very pretty!

Once the "boards" were completely dry (about an hour in the sunshine) I spray painted 
over the whole BACK surface with flat black spray paint, right over the painted boards.
The black paint made the wood grain pop and made the glass round opaque
 so the planter underneath is not visible.

We put three globs of silicone glue on the rim of the black planter and then
 we flipped the  round  over so the boards showed through
 the glass and centered it on the black planter. 

I LOVE how the glass protects the bright colors and wood grain of the boards.
It is the perfect size and the perfect height for the seating on our deck.
We could not be more pleased with this project, not just because it was free
 but because it came out so amazingly great looking.

And guess what? I still have another glass round in my
 stash so we can make another table. Now that's something 
to look forward to!


  1. This is awesome! Just found your blog while cruising around on the internet and I honestly have no clue how I got here, lol, but I'm super psyched I did! Lol, Ive already shared 2 of your project posts with my crafty aunt who always has a ton of 5 gallon buckets we're always trying to figure out what to do with. Im sure you can guess what posts I sent her, lol!
    What's funny about stumbling onto this one is that I've had this tool for a few years now after I bought it at Home Depot while looking thru the "oops" clearance section and I always check the "craft paint" end cap section in the paint area....well, they had this tool from the Martha Stewart line on clearance and you bet I grabbed it! For what? Good question... Until I saw this! Lol, now, to find someone to give me a glass table round, haha! Actually I had no idea how itd look and I think I even tossed the package so I'll have to look up how to do it tho. Ive always wanted to decorate the gawd awful metal bifold closet doors that are on ALL the closets in my apartment but just didnt know what to do. I'm now thinking.... Hmmmmm... Lol! Anyway, off to look around some more before I fall asleep! But I'm not worried bc I already bookmarked your blog and even added a shortcut so I'm sure not to lose it! Thanks for posting your how-to's, it seems to be a rare blog that still posts tutorials and for free. I definitely appreciate it. 😊


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